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Don’t Accept Mediocrity from your accountant.

Posted: 05 Jun 2013 in Blog

There are reasons you should not accept mediocrity or high prices from your accountants, as there is another way. Here is the story of traditional accountants versus Accounting Help :

Does your accountant?:-

  1. Get back to you within 24 of hours of you contacting him?
  2. Encourage you to contact them?
  3. Have a totally transparent billing structure which includes a fixed fee for all services except for book-keeping?
  4. Not charge separately for emails and phone calls but rather includes it in their fixed fee
  5. Give you the name and mobile number of the partner, manager and all staff members involved with your account?
  6. Have all their staff based in the UK?
  7. Regard it as their job to remind you of deadlines  and not the other way round?
  8. Keep you updated about what is going to happen and when?
  9. Happy for you to contact and/or meet them whenever it suits you including mornings, evenings or normal business hours?
  10. Friendly and approachable and talk to you in a jargon-free way that you can understand?
  11. Admit when they make a mistake and correct it at their own cost and pay any fines that are incurred as a result?
  12. Happy to use skype or another communication method that you prefer?


Accounting Help is a firm of Chartered Accountants We are based in offices in Leicester Square which are easily accessible from almost all of London

What’s different about us is that we provide a high-quality pro-active service at a fixed price.

Our aim is to be as pro-active as we possibly can, offering not only the basic accounting and tax support your require, but also give you the type of assistance that you would get if you had your own finance director. We will provide you with sound business advice (without any jargon).   

I am always amazed that business owners are willing to pay such high-prices for their accounting and tax needs whilst not even being given a quality service from their accountants.  In many cases businesses are paying literally thousands of pounds for accounts and tax returns being filed late or incorrectly” says Ian Swycher of Accounting Help.

Ian goes on to say “I often hear stories of people contacting their accountants and having to wait weeks before their accountants get back to them .  We feel that our clients deserve a response within 24 hours. That does not mean that we can answer every query in 24 hours but at least we can acknowledge the communication and say what we will do and when we will get back to the client.

There seems to be ethos of “better the devil you know” with respect to businesses and their accountant. People don’t want to change as they fear that a new accountant will be even worse or even more expensive. There is a joke in the accounting world that says that people only change their accountants when they die or go to jail and not always for the latter!

Today there is an alternative - and that’s Accounting Help. Please look at our testimonials to see and hear about that alternative. There testimonials are all recent.  Come and talk to us about our services and how we can help YOU. We are happy to have a free-no obligation meeting.

As part of our service we will organise the hand-over from your old accountants and at no cost to you. Just click here now and we’ll get back to you within 24hours to begin that new journey.



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£32,011 - £150,000

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Over £150,000


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