Accounting Help will:

  • Prepare payrolls and payslips for any frequency, any size.
  • Administrate PAYE, national insurance, statutory sick pay, statutory maternity pay.
  • Offer a flexible service to meet your deadlines. If you need to make last minute changes we will deal with these speedily and simply.
  • Provide e-mail/phone service to a nominated accountant.
  • Prepare and file end of year tax returns, P35s, P60s, P11Ds.
  • We will send your payslips either by hard-copy or email, whichever you prefer.
  • As part of your work we will advise you as to whether your payroll and tax deductions are compliant with HMRC regulations.

We look after all size payrolls, from one person to businesses with over 100 employees.

Phone Accounting Help us on 020 8362 0704 or email us at to find out more about how we can help you with your payroll needs.


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Accounting Help

Tax Rates

Income tax 2013-14 2014-15
Tax-free personal allowance (under 65) £9,440 £10,000
Basic rate: 20% £0 - £32,010 £0 - £31,865

Higher rate: 40%(dividends: 32.5%)

£32,011 - £150,000

£31,866  - £150,000

Additional rate: (dividends: 42.5%)

Over £150,000


Over £150,000


Capital Gains 2013-14 2014-15
Annual Exempt Amounts for individuals £10,900 £11,000
Corporation tax (rates for financial years starting on 1st April) 2014 2015
First £300,000 20% 20%

Next £1,200,000

23.75% 21.25%
Over £1,500,000 23% 21%

Tax credit on dividends (basic rate taxpayer)

10% 10%
Approved HMRC mileage rates First 10,000 business miles in the tax year Each business mile over 10,000 in the tax year
Cars & vans 45p 25p

Motor cycles

24p 24p
Bicycles 20p 20p
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